February 17, 2013

Dear Copper Hills Eighth Ward Members,

If youíre not a member of the LDS church, and are receiving this postcard, itís because my ward address list was outdated. So, please pardon me if this is the case.

The thought has come to my mind, over and over again, that I should speak out to you regarding a few things that I have experienced over the past six years.

Do you remember receiving a postcard from my wife about six years ago? Our children were being asked why we werenít attending church at that time. In the postcard, she let you all know that it was because church leaders werenít answering our questions.

After this occurred, it was explained to me that questions need not be answered, because members of the church are under covenant to be puppets in the hands of church leaders.

Now, these werenít the exact words used by church leaders. Instead, they said to me that I was under covenant to "trust" church leaders without question, which is basically the same idea.

And, because I wouldnít agree to this, I was excommunicated from the church.

I was baptized at the age of eight. I served a full time mission. I married in the temple. I carried a temple recommend. And, all that time, I didnít know that I was being groomed to be a puppet. I thought that thinking was encouraged in the church. But, apparently, I was wrong.

Through being condemned for asking questions, I discovered that the church is a dictatorship. When push comes to shove, the church does not honor their own teachings against the exercise of control and compulsion. I know this from first hand experience.

Iíve spent the last six years, repeatedly begging church leaders, to please honor the principles of D&C 50:7-25, by answering a few questions about a church position, because according to this passage and many other scriptures, itís "not of God" for me to blindly "trust" church leaders.

But, they wonít.


Aaron McMillan

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